Terms and Conditons

You refers to the user of this website, we refers the owners or moderators of this website. The user is any person who is using this website. This document can reffered to as User Agreement here.

When accessing the pages or the information contained on our websites, or by using our services in any manner, you agree to comply with all terms in this agreement.

We reserve the right to update the User Agreement at any time without a prior notice. Any major change might be notified on the website.

You may review a current version of this User Agreement at any time by clicking on the User Agreement link at the bottom of home page of our websites. We are not responsible for anything published by any user of this site, and we cannot be held as responsible for anything by the law of any country or state. 


The content published as advertisement, forum, comments or in any other way by the user is sole responsibility of the user. We are in no way responsible for any damaging or copyright content usage, and we cannot be held responsible by laws of any state or country. The content published is the sole responsibility of the user of this site.

The user must publish content which does not violate any laws of his/her country or state. 

The user is prohibited from posting

  1. Pornographic material
  2. Links to Gambling sites
  3. Selling Drugs/ Narcotics or Weapons of any kind
  4. Selling Adult services in an area having any laws against them
  5. Selling material or stuff that might be considered objectionable or unethical by the law
  6. Selling or Using any copyright material
  7. Someone else's material without their consent

The user Agrees to this agreement in every way by using any of our services in any manner.


The user agrees to never spam this site. Spamming includes anything which is irrelevant to this site, is duplicated or copied from other sources, is submitted to an incorrect category, is vague or is unstructured.  In case the user spams, he/he might be banned without notice. To avoid spamming users you agree that we move your ads occasionally to a different category.


You agree to publish ads which comply with the rules in the agreement. The ads published might be removed by us without intimation on expiration. Expiration of categories might be changed without any notice from us.

You agree not to publish any material which is unethical or illegal. 

Users who purchase any of our services also agree this agreement. If paid ads are reported they might be taken down without contacting the user, in this case the user will be notified with an email. For any purpose, a user will be contacted by email, if the user does not respond to our emails within 3 days, the user will be considered as not willing to communicate and we will be not responsible for communicating to them any further. In case of a paid transaction, or an important communication, we will try to contact with the user twice with email, if the user does not respond to any of the two within 3 days, we will not be responsible for any loss to the user.

We have a no refund policy for ads, if you make a purchase and wish to discontinue before minimum serving time of the service, we might not be able to help you. 

If you agree to these terms and conditions mentioned above and intend to be in compliance with this user agreement, you are welcome to use our services. If you disagree with these terms please stop using any of our services. If you wish to use our services despite disagreement, please contact us here.